The Cookie Butter War: Trader Joe’s Speculoos vs Lotus Biscoff

Happy Friday folks!!!:)

It’s 5 in the morning. Baby woke up and was actually “trying” to play and make “lambing” with her mom with all her smiling back and forth under the sheets. (Yep we’re co sleeping @@) Anyways, after feeding her, so she sleeps, I usually find myself really hungry! I ended up making “dila” with these yummy cookie butters. Ooooh… peanut butter heaven! Only it’s cookie butter crushed. Genius! So I’m staring at my blank laptop now and decided to write something poetic about it, but hey why not review this cookie butter hype?

Out of curiosity, I joined the bandwagon and bought these “hard to find” items (at least in Philippine grocery stores), a week ago, just to know what’s the noise all about. I bought my Speculoos from SugarRushStore. And my Biscoff from Healthy Options. We usually keep a lot of snacks in the house as Elise NEVER RUNS out of visitors haha. We also bought a large dining table a few months ago because the house suddenly has become a comfortable haven for most of our family and friends despite the small unit. hehe Thank God for this blessing! We feel blessed that despite the limited space, our abode has become a venue for warm conversations, family love, reunion of friends and has become a happy place for a lot of people.


A Review of Trader Joe’s Speculoos

Weekend treat! The infamous spread. Thanks hubby dear. Love you! Thanks @sugarushstore for fast shipping! #tradersjoe #speculoos

Moving on to this not-so-sinful peanut butter! (It’s only 90 cal per tsp… nothing to fret about! LOL) I love the “Crunchy” versions. They both actually have the same calorie count. Both are super similar in taste- yummy. creamy, gritty, sweet, spiced spread, I definitely love it!

Funfact: Biscoff” is a combination of biscuit and coffee; it is Europe’s favorite cookie with coffee, thus the name. Speculoos is a generic name for traditional crispy spiced cookies in Belgium.

A Review of  Lotus Biscoff

trader's joe vs. biscoff

Biscoff is still yummy.  Some people prefer this because it’s not too sweet and you can really taste the butter.

How to eat the cookie butter spread?

1. Add it in vanilla or double dutch ice cream.
2. Spread it in oatmeal, crackers, biscuits, toast, or bread.
3. Top it on pancakes or waffles.
4. Use as dip for pretzels, bread sticks or veggies.
5. Or just enjoy it straight from the jar.

Which is better?

trader's joe vs. biscoff

I have to go with Trader’s Joe. I like the salty and caramelized after taste! :D I think Trader’s is also much creamier in taste! What are your thoughts? Which do you think is better?


Pretty please? #ambisyosa #threemonthsinfant #katakawan #speculoos #tradersjoe thanks @sugarushstore


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