The last time I had a full body scrub+massage was when I was in Bali Indonesia last August. I was traveling with my bestie Miluy that time and we tried one of their famous SPA spots there. We were marinated probably dozens times in herbs, oils, oats and fruits until DYOSA na ako! (English translation: I felt like a goddess!:)) LOL Honestly, you can’t ignore the big difference a body scrub can do to you physically, emotionally and mentally. Literally every electron that has gone bezerk due to stress and free radicals went down the drain, every nerve that has gone haywired was tamed, every single worry and negativity like some sort of magical meditation happened- was all gone! Definitely BALI is the place to go if you would really want to feel like a GODDESS. ^^ But I will be posting about that experience on a seperate post. Meanwhile, here are my thoughts on body scrubs.
Top 5 BODY SCRUB 2013

Anyways, a lot of people underestimate the power of body scrubbing. If toxins are unable to escape through the skin, they will be stored as fat cells which would be circulated back to the bloodstream to your kidneys, liver and other detox organs. Aside from achieving that glow from exfoliation, body scrubbing or body exfoliations can improves blood circulation, reduces cellulites, regenerate skin cell production, strengthens the immune system, tones and tightens muscles and totally cleans up the lymphatic system (meaning it detoxifies when the glands become clogged). Besides, the skin is the largest elimination organ and releases a pound of waste each day!

If you’re lazy like me, who doesn’t have the time to go to SPAs, or create my own DIY, I’d highly recommend my top 5 favorite body scrubs! (Readily available here in Manila!) Everytime stress knocks out the best out of me, and when I need an INSTANT PERK ME UP, I turn to these goodies: (Light some candles if you have to, and take your time in the shower. Time to stop rushing and just laze around for some ME-time!)

1.Burt Bee’s Honey & Shea Sugar Scrub – I love love Burt Bee’s as you can tell and anything organic. This one’s a bestseller! It’s “sulit” since this whole bottle lasts me for half a year. (Price: 1,100. Available in Beauty Bar (Manila) or you can shop online through Also available at Rustan’s branches)


2. Burt Bee’s Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub- Another one of those heavenly scents that makes you forget any bad day! I think buying scrubs are worth than spending more in SPA treatments. (Price: 1,100. Available at Beauty Bars near you (Manila, Philippines) or you can shop online through available at Human Nature Website.)
3. Human Nature LUXURY BODY SCRUB in LEMON GRASS- My ultimate Filipino made product favorite! The Lemon Grass is just soothing and takes all the stress away. LemonGrass is “tanglad” in Filipino can be found in mountains and other rural areas. Funny, but this one’s a MUST TRY! (Price: 300++ Available at Beauty Bars near you (Manila, Philippines) or you can shop online through Also available at Rustan’s branches)
4. BODY SHOP’S SPA Wisdom- If you want an exotic scent and variation from the rest of the other bubble baths and scrubs, this one’s a nice one. You can recreate Thailand’s SPA aromas just lighting up a candle and soaking with these babies! (Price: 1,550 PHP. Available at Body Shops nearby)

5. Khiel’s Gently Exfoliating Body (Lavender) – Khiel’s has always been my favorite in moisturizing and it’s mainly organic ingredients that’s safe. This one’s good for travelling to more cooler areas outside the Philippines. Brings you extreme moisture and a divine scent anywhere you go! I like the lavender one because it makes me fall asleep easily. hehe (And I end up always waking up late when I use this! Too much relaxation.. tsk tsk) (Price: 1,850 PHP. Quite Pricey than other scrubs but worth it. Available at Khiel Store, Greenbelt)

Climb coconut tree

LAST OPTION: If you’re on tight budget, just look for a nice coconut tree you can climb upon in the beaches of the Philippines this summer, or wait till some coconut fall in the ground, cut and grind some chunk and make some coconut oil and mix it with brown muscavado sugar and YOU’RE SOLVED!! :D haha Just kidding. Seriously, this is my GREAT GREAT GRANDMA’S SECRET!!! COCONUT OIL+ Some SERIOUS dry skin rubbing using STONE! She’s 98 years old though before she died, and she still looked fantastic! Believe me! :P Seriously though, there are so many DIY Homemade Body Scrub ideas in the net if you want to create your own. :)

I hope these helped you soon to be beach babe goddesses there! Flaunt your smooth, ALA-3D enhanced SKIN this summer! Parang AVATAR o FINAL FANTASY LANG! hehe kidding:P No need to bathe in stinky foundation, or tan sprays or rub too much cheek blushes/bronzers and bright neon LADY GAGA lippes to look like some mutated barbie cosmetic dolls… keep it real… keep it natural this summer! BARE and NUDE IS SEXY! ;-)

Happy summer! Glow on!:-)

Are you a beauty fanatic (with a heart)?

Do you also have an intensive love and hate relationship for beauty products? Do you believe that makeup, skincare and other beauty products should not be harmful to your loved ones and the environment? Do you believe that people can make smarter choices in choosing what products to give to their loved ones? Are you so scared of the Big C too?  Do you love the planet, this beautiful world given to us a gift?  Join me in this ORGANIC BEAUTY movement :) Let’s make smarter choices! A few of my healthy skincare and makeup articles are also here.:)

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    I like this article a lot! Sigh, I underestimate the power of body scrubs and you’re right, I should do it more often hehe :) Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      Thanks! :) Glad this helped! :)

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