Creative ways to store make-up this 2013

Are you done with your spring-cleaning to welcome new things in 2013? :) (Some tips from my previous post here) The neat freak inside of me just can’t resist sharing to you these time and space efficiency tips! I hope you find this useful. We’re busy cleaning our houses, kitchen and backyards and forget our makeup stash! I’m sharing how to organize stuff while still being creative.

Time to discard the ones from last year and toss out the expired ones! (A read on makeup expiry and tips from Bath and Wind) My makeup artist friend told me, makeup that aren’t used for a year should be tossed out as well! (Sucks I know ^^) Old makeup is breeding ground for bacteria. I have been the lipgloss-only-sunblock type of girl (and some wash-and-run regimen here…), so it’s really a waste to trash makeup. So I guess this year, I’d be more vigilant. Stick to the nudes / organic and just give away stuff I know I couldn’t handle- like that bright neon eyeshadow over there. LOL

Creative ways to store makeup

DIY from Crazy Domestic

“If you don’t use it…time to lose it!”

Been online shopping for storage stuff lately and came across these nice cheap deals of makeup storages in Manila. For ordinary girls (non makeup professionals like me), it’s still best to keep some organization from our limited collection. No need for makeup train cases, here are my fun creative ways to store makeup.


1. Get these nice acrylic storage boxes from a favorite supplier here in Manila: Miss Bella. Powder plastic jars can be bought from InsidemyCloset. I have seen some cheap storages in SM Makati as well.

makeup storages in Manila

makeup storages in Manila

Creative Ways to store makeup!

2. Decorate or fill them with ribbons. beads or simply coffee beans.

makeup storages in Manila

Available at: Miss Bella

Creative Ways to store makeup!

Available at: Miss Bella

3. Make use of Mason Jars. Mason Jars are hard to find in Manila. You may check Mycloset or you may visit WalterMart, Ace HardWare, Handyman for accessible ones. If you have time you can check American surplus shops around Rizal Avenue, Recto. Just make sure to boil and clean them. Lately I’ve seen a lot of Mason Jar supplies in SM Department Stores too. I think that’s easier and convenient. Let me know if you have other ideas!

nail polishes

DIY from: InkandAdventure

Creative Ways to store makeup

Creative Ways to store makeup!

DIY of any plastic container filled with your favorite coffee beans! (Aroma is nice too)

makeup storages in Manila

You can label them Creative Ways to store makeup!

DIY use any tin cans!

DIY from Shelterness Creative Ways to store makeup!

4. Make use of cake and dessert trays that are just locked up in your kitchen.


5. My favorite creative way is to create a magnet board. Hang them anywhere in your bathroom or dresser.

DIY from: This Casita

A magnetic board

Magnetic Makeup Board with a frame, courtesy of ThreadSence


6. Make use wooden baskets wrapped in clothing for a vintage look.

For the vintage lover

Creative Ways to store makeup

7. Plastic containers from Japan Home are good. You can label them creatively. Creative ways to store makeup

8. Professional Cheap Cases. If you are the highly organized travel freak and wants to bring a lot of makeup stash on your travels and fashion shoots, I really love Dashe Cosmetic Train Cases or visit Pure Beauty Serendra. I saw some cool stuff there. Professional Train Cases

9. Make use of available wine racks.

Wine racks

Well it’s up to you how you like the storing done. You may

JAZZ it up like the ideas above or keep it clean and simple! :)

While you’re there organizing here’s a nice visual from Bath and Wind:


Springclean your makeup kit!


Are you a beauty fanatic (with a heart)?

Do you also have an intensive love and hate relationship for beauty products? Do you believe that makeup, skincare and other beauty products should not be harmful to your loved ones and the environment? Do you believe that people can make smarter choices in choosing what products to give to their loved ones? Are you so scared of the Big C too?  Do you love the planet, this beautiful world given to us a gift?  Join me in this ORGANIC BEAUTY movement :) Let’s make smarter choices! A few of my healthy skincare and makeup articles are also here.:)

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