Day 25 (of 31).Who doesn’t lust over Princess Tamina’s (Gemma Arterton) from movie “Prince of Persia” long thick, lustrous JET BLACK hair in the movie and her dark eyes and how she perfectly portrayed a Moroccan princess?


I’ve mentioned this holy grail before in my previous post. I think this wonder bottle deserves at least one blog post. :) I like products that are hitting a lot of birds in one stone. The Argan Oil is an all-in-one treatment for the hair, face and body. Note: I’m not beauty blogger and won’t be reviewing products unless I really really really go crazy over them. I also don’t wear makeup except during special occasions, so there’s the dire need to have clear skin. (Pimples, layu-an mo kame. LOL ) Lately, I’ve finished a bottle of this wonder oil and is looking for an alternative here in Manila, but problem is- they are all OUT OF STOCK. The ones I get from Healthy Options (Josie Maran Argan Oil and Melvita Huile D’Argan) are out. Also I’ve tried a bottle from Salcedo Market that has no brand, again- out of stock.

Argan Oil Benefits: The Argan oil or so called “Liquid Gold” is a hot item these days. With the amazing positive effects they can have on your hair and skin there is no mystery as to why. But as those names suggest, quality Argan Oil, the main ingredient in Moroccan Oils, is not cheap. Argan Oil the most rare oil on earth. Anything that rare and that valuable is bound to have a plethora of knock off and counterfeit products in the market. This create a problem for the cost conscious shopper who wants a good deal, but obviously does not want to be ripped off with fake Argan oil.

There are just a plethora of sellers out there in Ebay, Amazon, Multiply and even in Europe, France and Morroco itself who sells fake argan oil. I’ve read a lot of stories from the internet about how these brands take advantage of the “Argan Oil” craze. So to get the best deal out of your money, I’ve collated a comprehensive guide to spot the authentic ones from the fake ones—

Spot a fake Argan Oil:

1. Check the ingredients.

Some commercial Argan oil are NOT pure argan oil. They are mixed with low quality oils (sunflower, olive oil etc), or sometimes contain dimethicone, and other chemical ingredients. Argan is an expensive oil no preservatives, no fragrances, no parrafinum, not even water.. Only PURE argan oil can give you FULL benefits of real argan oil :)

2. The bottle.

Do not trust brands that say “100% Pure Argan Oil” in label. Most argan oils are just hidden in pretty packaging.  Both make the oil deteriorate. Glass is the best way to store this gold liquid. (Amber bottles, dark, ultraviolet protected glass bottle which is eco-friendly)

3. The price.

Argan Oil is very difficult to make. It takes hours of manual labour and that does not come free. So there is no such thing as cheap Argan Oil. Don’t waste your money if you’re not buying the authentic ones. If you are getting 60% off than the original ones, look for another place.

4. The scent.

The scent should be somehow “raw. green, nutty” or like “popcorn”. Be careful of Argan that smells too perfumed, floral or nothing at all. The best qualityArgan Oil should be also undeodorized. The deodorization process removes the argan nut’s scent along with many important nutrients that makes argan oil so great in the first place.

5. The consistency.

Argan Oil absorbs quickly and beautifully. Fake ones go through a lot of process. Raw Argan Oil has sediment settled at the bottom (when not in use and will turn semi solid when it is very cold). Oil is a bit cloudy and has some elements. This is virgin oil only means that oil didn’t go through heat and filtration system thus restorative properties aren’t ripped off.

6. The color.

Argan oil should be a golden-yellow colour when looked at through a clear glass. If the color is too light, the most likely is that it was mixed with other oils. Culinary argan oil is s a golden brown color.

7. What kind of seller should you trust.

Avoid purchasing oil from vendors who also sell spices, kohl, scented waters, soaps, dried herbs, etc. Avoid Chinese vendors, they say. Specialty shops, such as essential oil apothecaries, are a safer bet. Vendors have to be transparent where they get their oils. Should tell you whether it’s cold pressed argan oil, toasted argan oil deodorized argan oil, hand-made or machine-made. Vendors will be willing to show warranty, certificate of authenticity and accepts credit cards or paypal payments as well. Always a good sign if photos are taken in-house.

8. Stick to name brands.

Do not buy from Ebay, Sulit or Amazon. There are some good deals to be found with no-name brands, but not only do you have the risk of counterfeits but also of no-name brands that have nothing to lose, so they dilute the Argan content or exaggerate the “purity”. Brands like Moroccan oil, Josie Maran, Melvita Huile and Souq Organics are known to be good manufacturers of quality Argan Oil based products. They have a reputation to uphold, so as long as you follow the other tips above and find a reputable seller you will be in good shape. Where to find Argan Oil in Manila?

Argan Oil in Manila: Argan Moroccan Oil Reviews

SOUQ ORGANIC Moroccan Argan Oil Review- This one’s a crowd’s favorite and there seems to be a lot of GOOD testimonials. For reviews, you may check out the links below. 

My recent review about Souq Organic is here: Save a few bucks by simplifying your Nighttime Beauty Regime: Souq Organics ARGAN OIL (Manila) Review 

Argan oil manila

The Souq Organics Moroccan Argan Oil is 100% organic. The 30ml bottle contains nothing but pure Argan Oil from Morocco. It is just as good, if not better than other Argan Oil brands in the market because it is cold pressed, and produced under rigorous and strict quality management systems. Our Argan Oil is certified organic by Europe-based ECOCERT – one of the largest organic certifications organizations in the world and at Php 1500, it retails almost half the price of other premium Argan Oil brands out there!

Josie Maran  Moroccan Argan Oil Review- Tried and tested. My review hereAvailable at: TasteCentral or

D HAUSE Moroccan Argan Oil Review REVIEW


BARENATURALS Moroccan Argan Oil Review

L’Oro della Vita Moroccan Argan Oil Review

Naturelle d’Argan Pure Argan Oil Elixir @ Beauty Bar

MOMMY PATCH Moroccan Argan Oil Review

BODY & FACE THAIRAPY Moroccan Argan Oil Review

What’s your favorite argan oil peeps?

Are you a beauty fanatic (with a heart)?

Do you also have an intensive love and hate relationship for beauty products? Do you believe that makeup, skincare and other beauty products should not be harmful to your loved ones and the environment? Do you believe that people can make smarter choices in choosing what products to give to their loved ones? Are you so scared of the Big C too?  Do you love the planet, this beautiful world given to us a gift?  Join me in this ORGANIC BEAUTY movement :) Let’s make smarter choices! A few of my healthy skincare and makeup articles are also here.:)

Spread the love!

Glad to have helped your beauty regimes!:) If you enjoyed this resource guide, please feel free to spread the wealth of knowledge by using your favorite social media to share below or leave simply leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!! Happy Sunday!!:)

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  • Kristina Go (@kringlozano)

    Thanks so much for sharing, Tin! This is such a useful like survival-useful info, LOL keep it up and more power! Great blog! :D

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      No Problem Tin! Glad to help! :) Very useful info to detect fakes! :) Enjoy your new addition to your beauty regime! :)

  • next9 (Jen CC Tan) (@next9baby)

    hi! i use Souq Organics’ Moroccan Argan Oil. I don’t want to take chances! Most certainly, I will not buy something that is spelled wrongly too! LOL!

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      My Souq Argan Oil arrived the other day and I’m just so happy about it! I will post probably a review as soon as I get some visible results :)

  • sunny

    hi where can i buy josie maran argan oil, soqu or other brands of argan oil in the philippines?

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      Available at:

      1. White Plains Boutique – Unit B, Bellitudo Lifestyle Strip, No. 79 Katipunan Ext., White Plains
      2. Via phone – just call 4215745
      3. Via web –
      4. PCX Rockwell, Makati City
      5. First Aid – Greenbelt 3
      6. Landmark Dep’t Store – Makati City
      7. Landmark Dep’t Store – Trinoma, QC

      • http://Yahoo Marie Grace T. Diosana

        What about d Moroccan Argan Oil that Watson’s selling? It s made in USA

  • Monique Brown

    thank you for the info, it’s very interesting and very important to recognize the good brands , I use a good one which is not there but it should be, it’s pro naturals moroccan argan oil which is very good too. :D

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      Thanks for the share Monique. Where did you get one so we know where to get it next time :)

  • Vivienne24 (@ViLovesBeauty)

    I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan oil, and it passes the test! Thanks for sharing these tips.

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      Awesome! Can’t wait to try that one out too Viviene!

  • Lynn

    You just said bottles should not be clear. I may be wrong but I think the souq argan oil I saw in their website is in a clear bottle. It should’ve been in a dark or amber colored bottle right? Please enlighten me on this. I’ve been thinking of buying a bottle of argan oil sold by Souq International but now I’m confused. Thanks!

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      That’s right lynn! The souq bottle is clear. I got mine a few days ago. But so far, it’s one of the products in Manila that is “closest” to the criteria above. My trusty Josie Maran is out of stock, so I have to look for an alternative. Souq’s argan oil is said to be processed so the oil won’t deteriorate in the clear glass bottle. So far it says the oil is- a) HIGHEST GRADE b)FAIRLY DRADED and COLD PRESSED. (That explains why it also doesn’t have sediments.)

      There had been a lot of raving reviews for its effectivity so I dared to try it! :) So far I’m not disappointed. I will probably get back to you guys after a month or so … or when the results are starting to show visible. :)

      • yayie cenon

        Hi! Pure argan oil doesn’t have to be actually in amber bottles as it wouldn’t diminish it’s quality. As long as normal care is followed, like, do not expose to direct sunlight or be unhygienic and putting the oil in your hands and back again (use the spout pls). Be aware as well that not all argan oil in amber glasses are pure as this could mask what’s inside. If it is mixed with other oils, chances are there will be a separation of oils eventually, fake suppliers doesn’t want you to see that.=)

  • Joni (@joniang)

    Hi Tina! Nacurious na naman ko sa gin post mo. Been reading some blog posts talking about this Argan Oil, thought maybe I should try too! So which one is it on this page? Hehe

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      Hi jonz! I went to try this one! :)

      I got rid of my previous moisturizers and use this right after I wash my face. 2-3 drops is good kana. Let it absorb before putting anything else like makeup foundations/bb creams/ sunblock. So far so good!! My face is hydrated the whole day. I’m hoping to see more good results soon. Just started Souq last week :)

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  • Mr Mo

    Our Argan Oil is produced in our factory in Agadir City, it is 100 % Pure Organic, cold pressed, and certified by ECOCERT and USDA.
    We are selling Pure Organic Argan Oil directly from Morocco.
    For more information, please visit us at :

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      Is this available in the Philippines?

  • lovely julia

    very informative.Good piece of work!! after checking all the ways i am stick with pura d’or and its working.To be look nice and pretty is my first priority. I am very beauty conscious.

  • Pingback: Save a few bucks by simplifying your Nighttime Beauty Regime: Souq Organics ARGAN OIL (Manila) Review | Life is Gelato

  • mariefrance

    I buy my organic Argan oil(certified by Ecocert and in a spray perfume glass bottle ) from a friend here in France. He is the co- founder and always travelling to Morroco to meet these wonderful women from cooperative. I am an organic freak lady :) and I am thinking of distributing this product in the Philippines and I am in the process of studying a good price for filipinos.

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      Wow that’s awesome! We have a very limited options of Argan Oil providers here in the Philippines. Keep me posted! Would be willing to try your product eventually. Goodluck on your venture! : )

  • ysabel

    Hi..I’m also looking for certified organic argan oil,I’m aware that if it’s not certified organic there’s no way to find out if it’s pure,100% argan oil.Most of these brands use fillers,other oils,chemicals and yet they claim it’s 100% pure.So I only want certified oranic Aegan oil :)

  • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

    Guys FYI: Recent review of Souq Organics is here, just in case you’re interested.

  • Aimee

    Hello! Souq morrocan oil can last up to how many months? I’m planning to use it as morning and night moisturizer?

    • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

      I have a small face. It lasted 2 months since i also put some on my belly.

      • Aimee

        Oh no. I have a big face. Haha. Hope it will last for 2 months. Thanks. :)

        • Tina Ruste-Madrazo

          lol. hope it goes well for you! :D

  • structured

    I’ve learn some good stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot attempt you place to make the sort of magnificent informative site.


      Hi!:) thanks for visiting my blog.
      I’m glad you find my articles useful. Looking forward to hear more from you. Have fun reading.:)

      If it won’t be such a hassle, we’re building up more resource articles. Support us by liking:


  • CarmenClaire Cosmetics

    Hi Tina!

    Thanks for posting such a helpful article. I’m sure it’ll help tons of people who are on the hunt for real authentic oil.

    I’d like to introduce my brand, CarmenClaire Cosmetics. We sell beauty products from all over the world, including 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil. You’ll find that our Omnia Botanica Argan Oil fits all the criteria, except that it comes in a clear glass bottle with dropper, inside a box. Like many reputable brands, it’s certified by ECOCERT. No carrier oils, no extra ingredients, just Argan Oil.

    It comes directly from our supplier in Italy, who sources it directly from Morocco. Because of this, the oil comes to us as a finished product. We don’t buy in bulk and repackage it into smaller bottles. And at P575 a bottle (30ml), it’s the most affordable Argan Oil out there.

    People may wonder why it’s not in the 4-digit price range, but CarmenClaire is all about products that just plain work, without breaking the bank. I don’t believe in jacking up prices because that takes the fun out of shopping for beauty products.

    Check out our whole range of Argan Oil products, including Pure Oil, Face Cream, Hair Oil and a lot more:

    Follow CarmenClaire on Facebook:
    Follow CarmenClaire on Instagram and Twitter: @CarmenClaireCo
    For orders and inquiries:, 09189078960

    Good luck to you and your blog!

    - Carmen

  • bob

    Hi!:) thanks for visiting my blog.
    I’m glad you find my articles useful. Looking forward to hear more from you. Have fun reading.:)

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  • Celina

    Hi, how much is a bottle of moroccan argan oil from Healthy Options? :)

  • Sally Gulliver

    Hi Tina,
    Great blog. You’ve made lots of good points to assist discerning consumers in their search for quality Argan Oil. We are an Australian business that imports co-operative produced Argan Oil. It is virgin cold pressed Argan, non deodorised, 100% authentic and fair trade, straight from the co-operative door. We have Eco-cert, Normacert, Australian Certified Organic and Choose Cruelty Free accreditation. It is special, rich, pure and highly nutritive and we believe it to be the finest available. Try a sample through our webpage at and check out our FB at
    Kind regards



  • Thrina

    Thank you for this blog. Very informative. :)


      :) no prob happy to share!

  • Argan Amazigh

    The founder originated from the lands that produce Argan Oil.
    Mr Mohamed Nassiri, Moroccan berber, he knows the people and region, he picks only the finest Argan Oil for our customers. The Argan Oil we offer is literally the very finest money can buy.
    The brand of Argan Oil selling by Mr Mohamed Nassiri is Argan Amazigh Oil , 100% Pure & Certifie Organic Argan Oil.
    We are looking for distributers in the Philippines . For more information, please visit us at :


      I would love to try this first and see how it goes!:) thanks!

  • recherche poste maroc

    Very soon this web page will be famous amid all blog people, due to it’s pleasant articles


      Thank you! Just glad to help an hopefully inspire!@@ God bless!!

  • Maria Christina Ong

    Hi tin, un white allure moroccan argan oil gamit ni ms. Grace lee nakita ko sa ig ok kaya to? Un sa healthy option mga magkanu po dun? Un shop magicpotionsbeautyshop sa ig 1200. Naka sale cla gang aug.30. Orig price is 1500.100ml tnx christina ong


      Hi tin! No idea coz I haven’t tried that yet. Just make sure it’s not fake. (See my blog post for criteria) Let me know how it goes for you. I’m running out of souq right now and will be trying out other options too! Will keep you posted!:)

  • Khadija Fajry

    Great post on educating consumer about our Morccan Liquid Gold.
    I am Khadija Fajry, Founder & CEO of KENZA International Beauty
    Please visit our store. We provide 100% Pure Moroccan Beauty Oils: Argan oil & Prickly Pear Seed Oil that are:
    - USDA Organic,
    – ISO 9001 Certified for quality
    - FDA verified for authencity

    Our products are chemical free, cruelty-free, sustainable, and socially responsible.
    We are based in the US and sell worlwide.

  • Maria christina ong

    Hi ask ko lng un sa argan oil ng magicpotionsbeautyshop sa instagram (white allure pure moroccan argan oil 100ml) P1200.00 lng cya ginagamit ni ms.grace lee.. Nag aalangan po kc ako mura cya sa 100ml. Mga nakikita ko kc P995.00 1oz sa healthy option meron pa ko nakita sa beauty bar P1400.00 50ml dko lam kung ok cya… Pls po sana matulungan nyo ko tnx…


      Hi Christina, I really want to try as much as many ‘authentic argan oil’ as I could and will review about it. But as of the moment I haven’t tried that of Grace Lee’s. Just make sure it has organic certifications. Because there are argan oils that have a lot of filler oils. Best for your money in you get the authentic ones. My article says a lot about spotting what’s original. Don’t be fooled by the scent and packaging or even the price! I will make reviews as much as I could!:)

  • cel

    Hi Tina, how much do they sell the Argan oil at the Salcedo Market and how many ml. Is the Josie Maran in a 50ml bottle?
    How is the Argan oil different from other beauty oils (if you have tried the Human Nature Sunflower beauty oil)..



      Hi cel 1600 in Salcedo. It’s pure morocco oil and not branded. Sometimes the ‘eastern’ looking ladies aren’t there so these oils aren’t readily available.

      I bought mine from Souq Organics.

      I tried HM sunflower oil too but it doesn’t do that much unlike argan oil. to throw the rest of my beauty regimes and replace it with this oil.

      You may view my other posts to understand more of argan oil. Btw nice blog photos you got there. What camera are you using?:)

  • renz

    It’s ok to buy non-branded argan oil provided he supplier can provide documents like certificate of analysis, certificate of origin and/or certificate stating its organic status, e.g. Ecocert. Also ask for the botanical source of the argan oil you are purchasing. Sunflower, olive oil, grapeseed, etc. are not low-quality oils. They are less expensive because the supply is greater.

    By the way, I’m a pharmacist by profession and into spa industry and aromatherapy. =)


    Spot on with this write-up, I truly feel this web site needs a great deal more attention.
    I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the info!


      Thank you! I hope you find my articles useful:-)

  • maye

    Hi.. am using Instant Glow Morocco argan oil from Watson, SM for 2 days……. any comments on this brand? thanks


      HI MAYE, I didn’t buy it before because think it has a floral scent. Some other oils might be mixed as well. if you want an effective argan, it has to be 100% PURE. The smell is different.

  • maye

    helo everyone here, am using Instant Glow Moroccan argan oil for 2 days now, any comment on this brand from users?

  • Claudette

    Hi Tina! How much did you get the Melvita Argan oil for? Thanks :)


      Hi Claudette!! I would recommend souq organics and Josie maran since these two are really authentic and highly effective

  • Teresa

    Hi, I’m also waiting for some comments from the users of this product regarding the Argan Oil being sold at Watsons. Please let us know if it is really effective.

  • Eilla

    Hi Tina, first of all I wanted to say that this article is really useful since I am trying to get the best argan oil for myself and after purchasing bottles and bottles of it and seeing how little of the actual liquid gold in several claimed “Argan Oil” products, I am struggling to find a hand pressed unheated argan oil.
    I also wanted to comment that in your post, you claimed that the best argan oil is not deodorized and you said to stick to name brands like Josie Maran. Josie Maran argan oil is deodorized that it didn’t smell like anything. As far as I know that it means that the oil has been heated up to deodorize the natural scent of the oil which also means it removed the important effectiveness of the precious oil. Is it worth paying over $40 for Josie Maran oil that isn’t totally pure even though she claimed it is? Am I paying 70% for her name that is plastered on the bottle and just getting 30% of effectiveness of the refined argan oil or am I getting the real deal?
    I hope you can get back to me on this one. I totally appreciate it. Thank you.


      Hi Eilla! Thanks for the feedback!!!

      I’m giving an ongoing raffle for Souq Organics 100% Authentic argan oil now. Please visit:

      Regarding your question on the Josie Maran Argan Oil, it’s US based and it claims to be authentic. I tried it and so far it doesn’t have much scent and the oil easily absorbs in my skin. It’s one of the top3 argan oils that is commercialized so far. If you’re sceptic about it I would recommend Souq Orgnaics. You may visit my recent post for more details.

      • Eilla

        Wow, thank you for the fast reply. Your raffle is for Philippines only so sadly I can’t be in it. I’m not from there and don’t have any friends who live there either. I’ve read your review on the Souq Organics Argan oil but I found out that they don’t ship internationally. I just discovered Saadia Organics and they sell argan oil that isn’t heated at all. I just purchased a bottle and will let you know how it fares since Souq Organics don’t ship to the US. Here is the link to the Saadia Organics regarding warnings of impure argan oil:

        I am not sceptic about the authenticity of Josie Maran argan oil. I am sure it is argan oil but hers has been put through a process that lowers the full capability of the oil and having to pay that much for something lesser just makes me feel cheated.

  • pure argan oil

    Normally I do not read article on websites, having said that i wish to say that this kind of write-up pretty obligated me personally to take a look at as well as apply it! The creating flavour is shocked me. Many thanks, rather terrific post.

  • Eve Sanders

    Hello, I’d like to ask about the seller L’Oro della Vita Moroccan Argan Oil Review i went to the FB page. The seller says that it’s 70(Seventy?)ml for only 1500php while the other brands you mentioned sells only 20-30ml and is about 750php-1500php. I’m doubting this L’Oro seller I’m a little confused that they can sell higher volume of Argan oil with lesser price and they claim it’s 100% Argan Oil, (but you mentioned this kind of advertising can be fraudulent). So, 40 additional ml for the same price is a little weird for me. Does the Argan oil vary price in the market today since it’s known a little long enough or is there supposed to be a standard amount that sellers can put out in every bottle in the market? Thank you for your help! I like this article, by the way. I hope you could answer my query soon! Thank you again! :)

    • Tina Elaine Ruste-Madrazo

      I’m sorry for the late reply but then please check if the are ECO-cerified or USDA organic seal is on the bottle. I think they’re legit. :)

  • maria france

    Hello , you can try our pure organic argan oil. We will be introducing our product in the Philippines soon. Like our Hong Kong company FB page and your name will be automatically included in our raffle draw. You will have a chance to win a bottle of 50 ml. Pure Organic Argan oil. salamat po.

  • Mel Stevens

    a great argan oil out there is the hair treatment from pro naturals! I love it

  • Jennifer

    Hi! I would just like to ask if you happen to know the brand Snoe? Because they also sell Argan oil in small amber glass bottles, and they’re almost the price of the Souq’s (799)


      HI jen!! Yes I happen to know them. I haven’t tried Snoe yet though but I’m trying their shampoos and will be reviewing about it. I’m not sure they do sell 100% pure argan oil though :)

  • Ramil Samonte

    Just want to share this.

    My wife works in Morocco and she buys directly from the large stores where Argan oil is being sold. There is a place in Morocco which is similar to Divisoria wherein they sell Argan oil products mainly.

    Mostly the argan oil is contained in a plastic bottle. The big bottles (above 250ml) can sometimes be found in glass bottles. But all of the containers are in clears ones, even the glass bottles.

    I am already selling the argan oil to friends. And those who have bought have given positive feedbacks.

    I, myself use it since my age is starting to show already. I apply it on my face and arms as a moisturizer. Really does wonders. For the hair, I just added a few pumps to my organic shampoo. I also use the oil to treat eczema on my hands. What a relief! No more itchy breakouts unlike before when I used to treat them with medicine.

    I also use them on my kids. Very effective for treating skin asthma.

    Thanks for letting me share the benefits of Argan oil. Stay safe everyone. :-)

  • Teresa

    Hi! Anyone who have tried one earth organics’ argan oil? Is it legit or fake argan?

  • Ann Chua

    I just started my Argan Oil purchased from the US ( Best of Nature product).hopefully it’s gonna work. I really don’t know which is pure or otherwise. hopefully it’ll make a difference in a week or two. .

  • Tina Elaine Ruste-Madrazo

    Hi jenn! I’ve heard of SNOE. I’m not sure if they are ECO certificed though. But I tried their conditioners and I love it!

  • Glossy Angel
  • Wim Nie

    My friend and I are selling Argan Oil…directly coming from Agaadir Morocco near Argana…We’re both Cabin Crew and we fly to if you are interested we can give you a better deal…you will see for yourself how pure our argan is..Please do visit our page…though we are just starting…

  • Wim Nie

    We also travel to South Africa where Bio Oil is a common commodity. Bio Oil is a South African Brand not American just FYI….If you are guys interested..leave us a message…ciao!

  • Fresca Aura

    Hi! Oil of Argan 100% Pure Moroccan Argan oil is available for purchase. Just visit and like our site
    Ours is pure cold pressed Argan oil. We deliver nationwide and offer free delivery in Metro Manila and Laguna areas such as Sta. Rosa, Binan or San Pedro.

  • karen

    Hi there, I just bought my argan oil, it says ( 100% certified organic Argan oil) USDA certified , it comes boxed in a transparent glass bottle costed me 25 dollars for 30 ml in perth Australia. the problem with this is that it smells like shi. I have also realised now, that has no expired date, is it ok?, I haven’t used it as the smell is awful, I am doubting, is it too cheap for 30ml? and what about the smell? someone help me, I have horrible dry skin, I was looking to buy through the internet too, I cant trust them. anyone heard of the Arganlife Australia brand. They sell though the internet. They advertised as a 100% virgin pure argan oil, cold pressed that don’t contain deodorised oil, ecocert, Australia certified organic.but price is not that bad, 100ml 58dollars, and 50ml for 30 dollars. should I trust that?.. someone please tell me.. before I get ripped off,, thanks

  • Ismaail Ettaaibi .its new and have the best and oroginal argan oil

  • Karito Martinez

    Wow! very interesting. Moroccan Argan oil works really well to repair damaged hair. I use the brand Pro Naturals, it leaves my hair super shiny and smells amazing.

  • Ava

    This article negates itself by saying to choose an argan oil which contains a faint nutty scent, a golden yellow color, etc. But then, they pander buying Josie Maran “argan oil” which contains neither of these traits. That stuff is either fake, diluted with another oil, or it has been so un deodorized that all the nutrients have been taken out. And the Morrocan Oil brand is manufactured in Israel. Don’t trust them.

  • Joarra Galang

    There’s actually a new brand of Pure Argan Oil in Metro Manila that I personally know and they are importing straight from Essaouira, Morocco from the Berber women. :) It’s called Wellspring of Morocco. They are new and only sells 10ml and 30ml bottle.

  • Taly Banez

    Can I just please ask, i bought these from Beauty Bar, and im just wondering if this is good. If anyone uses this let me know it is a french product called Laino

  • Stylist A.

    You can check ZAFZA argan oil on Its premium organic and pure argan oil from Morocco.